Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ungrammatical Caps

There's an article in today's Baltimore Sun by Laura Vozella that notes that the apostrophe in the Orioles alterntate caps that they wear once or twice a week is not actually an apostrophe, it's a comma. Or an upside-down apostrophe. Or whatever, it's wrong. As an apostrophe, the round part goes up with the tail going down, while with a comma it's the opposite.

Seems there's a big discussion about the Orioles not being able to even get the punctuation on their caps right.

So I have to clear it up.

It's not an apostrophe; it's a tear drop from all the seasons of futility.

I say keep it like it is until the Orioles have a winning season. Then replace it with a smiley face. :)


  1. Please satisfy my curiosity. While My Muse Gently Weeps... What do you mean by "Muse"? Or is it just a Beetles' thing?

  2. Well, first of all I'm impressed that you got the Beatle's allusion, although strictly speaking it's a post-Beatles allusion to George Harrison's song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

    A Muse, of course, goes back to Greek mythology and refers to the spirits that inspire creation and the arts. Poets and writers refer to their Muse inspiring them or deserting them during dry spells. So this was just some self-deprecation on my part, that most of what I write would probably make my Muse cry. In other words, don't expect high art here; it's just a blog.