Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Video

This is the video that was shown during the worship services yesterday. Angela collected the pictures and Ricky Kelly did the slide show. This part was fun; lots of really good memories. (Insert old person/memory joke here.) Thanks Angela and Ricky.

Enjoy the one of me without any facial hair. There was a six-month period in Georgia when, on a whim, I shaved off the mustache I had had since I was a high school senior. Angela didn't even recognized me when she first saw me. Other than that six months I've tried to cover this mug covered with something!

Angela couldn't find any pictures of me with my black Labs, Magnum, who was Lab #1 while we were in Georgia, and Bear, who moved to Frederick with us when he was a year old. But she got Bubba, our first dog, and Kobi, the current one.


  1. I am sorry Bear and Magnum didn't make it in - I couldn't find any when I was home the weekend before - and Mom didn't have time during the week. She handed me a box a 2:30 am filled with pictures and I just didn't have time to find them.

    Of course there isn't pictures of your WEDDING either - but of course you miss the dogs ;)

  2. I wasn't complaining, just saying that I had two other dogs who were special.

  3. My brother did it last year. He survived. Get over it. :) Happy birthday, dude!

  4. Nothing to get over. 50 is just a number. Middle age is a mindset, remember? (See the July 15 post on the subject.)

  5. you are welcome...I see you snooped around the computer to get