Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey, Look, It's a Guitar Post!

Yeah, made some progress last weekend.  As you recall, I had to make both a new neck and a new fretboard.  All that's been done, and the inlay has been done in the headstock, so I'm now back at the point I was two months ago when I realized I had screwed up.

The next task was to install the binding on the headstock. I first had to rout the channel, which I did using the router table and a rabbet bit with the proper bearing. Here's the set-up, and the headstock after the rabbet has been cut:

All's well, except I noticed that a tiny piece had been chipped out of the left corner, so that needed to be fixed.  First I actually enlarged the chip-out so that it could it would be easier to glue in a matching piece of ebony:

I cut a sliver from a spare piece of headstock, and super-glued it in place:

I then just had to trim and sand it, and the patch is pretty much invisible.  

After glueing the black/white purflings to the rosewood bindings, I mitered the top corners of the side bindings:

Then fitted the top piece after mitering the corners to fit perfectly, then glued it all together:

For the section of the headstock where it narrows toward the nut,  I was planning on mitering two more separate pieces but I found that the ends of the side piece were somewhat flexible, so I heated the binding using a regular steam iron (sans steam) and was able to bend this small section and glue them in place.

An overnight dry, and here's what it looks like after the bindings have been scraped and sanded flush:

I'm pretty pleased with how this came out.  I like the white line separating the ebony and the rosewood, and the subtle contrast between the black and the brown.  This scheme is continued down the fretboard, and I think will really look sharp.

Next up: installing the truss rod, then gluing on the fretboard.  After that, it's installing the frets, final shaping of the neck and heel, and then prep work for the finish.

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