Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reading List

Maybe you haven't noticed yet (or just don't care) but I have added a thing to the left, "What I'm Reading These Days."  I've seen other people do this, and I know some people are interested, so I'll try to keep this updated.

I've seen some lists, however, which are seven or eight books long, none of which are easy, junk-type novels.  They are all biographies, theological treatises, philosophy, etc.

OK, I'll sometimes juggle 2 or even 3 books at a time--something I'm reading at home, something in the office, maybe one in the car in case I find myself eating lunch alone or something.  But 7 or 8?  I mean, I read a lot, but c'mon!  It doesn't say, "What I've read since August," it says "What I'm Reading These Days."  As in, currently.

I get the feeling they're just trying to impress me.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it does cause my B.S. meter to flutter a bit.

So, if you're interested, it's there; if not, you can ignore it.  But it will always be what I am currently reading, and probably won't ever have more than 3 books listed at one time.  I'm just not that good.  And it won't always be stuff like biography or theology.  Sometimes I read for entertainment, like right now I'm reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  It's a lot like his previous bestseller The DaVinci Code, and it's just a thrill ride.  I also started Ancient-Future Faith by Robert Webber in preparation for a class I'll be teaching in a few weeks called, "The New Evangelicalism."  But I'll go in phases depending on my mood and what's being published.

And just because I'm reading it doesn't mean it's a recommendation.  I read some stuff that I would never recommend, though I try to keep that to a minimum.  But it happens.  So if I say I'm reading it doesn't mean it's good, it just means I'm reading it.  Ask me later if I liked it.


  1. goodreads.com is a neat way to post books that you've read, are reading and want to read as well as write reviews. I've seen it on friends blog and just started mine today. Haven't figured out how to show "what I'm reading" but I'll fiddle later - gotta grab the kids...

  2. Cool! I hadn't heard of goodreads.com before. I gave it a quick look, and will check it our further when I have more time.

  3. Our family blog, fyi...