Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, another epic snowstorm--on the weekend when church services are affected. No decision has been made yet about services tomorrow, but it's not looking good at all. What the deal with snowstorms on the weekend? I already lamented this back in December, so no rants today. It is what it is.

Thing is, I developed a head cold last night that is making me near miserable.

I grilled hamburgers in the snow yesterday afternoon. Austin wanted some of my epic burgers before leaving for basic training, so Angela and Matt came home also. There was already about 4" of snow on the grill when I started around 4:30. I pulled the grill up to the patio door so I could stand inside and cook. So the snow that's on the grill in this picture is what accumulated after the grill cooled off.

We had to do some shoveling just so Kobi could go outside and do his, you know, business.  The snow is two Kobi's deep, as you can see.

The tail is waggin', but he's not really having much fun.

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