Friday, May 14, 2010

The Crucible, Day 2

Day 2 began at 4 a.m., but no march. They went right into training/testing events, resupplying ammunition, water and MRE's through what's called the Combat Assault Course. There is a lot of tasks involving high walls, ropes, logs and ladders, and firing at targets at unknown distances.

Tonight from 8 to 11 is the Night Infiltration Course, in which teams re-supply water, ammunition and MREs at night in a simulated combat environment. The teams take their ammunition cans, water cans and simulated MREs through the Combat Assault Course with the added obstacle of darkness.

When that's over, undoubtedly there is a great sense of relief and accomplishment. The Crucible isn't over yet, as 4 a.m. brings a 9-mile march from the Crucible site back to the battalion, and while that is nothing to sneeze at loaded down with full gear after two days of minimal sleep and almost no food, each recruit knows that the hardest part is over and what waits is the Emblem Ceremony, Warrior's Breakfast, and the honor and accomplishment of being a Marine.

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