Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More of the Same...But No!

Last night I came in around 9:30 from working on guitars and decided to see what the Orioles were doing.  It's been a bad year to be an O's fan--they have the worst record in baseball and find innumerable ways to lose games.  It's frustrating to watch, and I haven't been, but going into last night's game against the White Sox, who lead their division, the Orioles had won five of six games under their new manager.  I didn't figure them to beat the Chicago three out of four, but when I turned the TV on they were ahead 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th.

It stayed that way going into the top of the 9th when the O's brought in the guy who has been their closer, Alfredo Simon.  Now, with Simon you get one of two things: he blows away three straight hitters for the save, or he walks a couple and gives up a home run.

The way the season has been going, and figured home run.  I just had a sinking feeling.

So what happened?

First pitch, fastball to Paul Konerko, who already had 27 dingers for the season.

Make that 28.  A long, no-doubt-about-it, first-pitch, game-tying homer.

Of course.

Simon finishes the inning, the O's go down in order in the bottom of the ninth, and it's extra innings.

Not for me.  I go upstairs to read for a while.

Before turning off the lights, I check online to see what happened.

The Orioles scored a run in the 10th inning to win.  A walk-off, lead-off home run by Brian Roberts.

There's not much more fun in baseball than a walk-off home run.  And there hasn't been much fun with the O's this season.  At least I got to watch video of it this morning:  Roberts' walk-off homer lifts Orioles | orioles.com: News

Things could start to get interesting the rest of the season.

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