Monday, September 13, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Like most Redskins fans, my two favorite teams are the Redskins and whoever is playing Dallas.

   To me the Dallas Cowboys are in the same category as the New York Yankees.  Teams everybody loves to hate.  They both have fans that can really be obnoxious.  I have referred to the Yankees many times before as the Evil Empire.  But they usually play a good brand of baseball.
   The Cowboys, however, are usually the most overrated team in the NFL.  No matter how good they are predicted to be before the season starts, they almost always fall short.  Yet their fans still like to claim that they are "America's Team."  They talk smack and act like winning a championship is their right.  And then whine like crazy when it doesn't happen.
    Well, it hasn't happened since 1996.  Last year was the first year they even won a playoff game in a looong time.
    This year a lot of people were expecting them to go to the Super Bowl, which just happens to be played in Dallas this year.
   Well, after last night, it ain't going to happen.  They aren't that good.  I know, one game is a pretty small sampling, but I'm telling you: they aren't that good.  This year, they are not only overrated, they are waaaay overrated.
   They might make the playoffs, but they won't go far.  And then their fans will whine.
   Maybe I'm being too gleeful in the wake of the Redskins win last night against the 'Boyz, but I don't care.  It gives me great pleasure to say it.  

The Cowboys are overrated.  They aren't that good.  They're good, but not great.

And as much as it gives me pleasure to say that, I get even more pleasure in saying this:

The Cowboys are dumb.  
   I mean, they are just dumb.  They are a dumb team.
   They would have won last night if they weren't so dumb.  But they didn't.  Because they are.
   They are that dumb.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony Dumb.  You know: dumb dumb dumb DUMBBBBB.   dumb dumb dumb DUMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

Yeah, the Yankees may be The Evil Empire.

But the Cowboys are Dumb and Dumber.

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