Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cool Guitar Video

A few months ago someone told me they saw a documentary about Wayne Henderson on PBS called From Wood to Singing Guitar.  I couldn't find another showing, but today I ran across this excerpt from the film on YouTube.  From there I was able to order the DVD of the entire documentary, and I can't wait for it to arrive.  I think you'll enjoy the excerpt.  There's some great guitar playing, and some insight into building.  And whenever I start to feel bad because my shop is not better organized, I'm going to watch this video!

The coolest thing is watching Wayne use a pocketknife to notch the lining for the

The DVD was produced by Appalshop, a pretty neat organization that works to preserve the unique culture of Appalachia.  Take a look around their website; the DVD can be purchased through their Appalstore link.

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