Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's Give This a Shot

After enduring what they would call "encouragement" but I would characterize as borderline nagging from friends and family to write more, I've decided to risk the world of blogging. I'm doing this partly to establish a discipline of writing and partly to enter into a conversation with others about things that interest me. I hope to occasionally be insightful but will admit up front that I will often just be silly or random. Life is serious business but you ought to have fun along the way.

I envision posting regularly, but I'm not going to commit to any set schedule. I write a weekly article for the church bulletin and I'll try to make that post-worthy. And I'm getting involved in a project called "Water for Christmas" so I'll use this as a means of keeping you abreast of developments there. More on that later.

But I will also use this as a place for theological and spiritual reflection, for thoughts on guitar-making, home life, dogs, and anything else that interests me. Enter into the conversation if you wish; I will approve any comments before posting because I have friends whom I don't trust not to try to embarrass me.

OK, so here goes!


  1. Boooo no birthday shout out on the blog!!!! BOOOOO

    Yay a new blog to stalk everyday :-D

  2. Yo, all my homies, shout out to my Baby Girl Angela who turned 24 on Sunday!

  3. Yay!

    An Encourager aka Nagger

  4. Hello Pastor,

    I am Jay, Lisa and I just recently joined your amazing Church.
    I love how you can see it on the mountain from 70 or 40.

    Everyone has been so warm and inviting to us.

    I am new to blogs, but figured this is a good way to post random questions/thoughts.

    I didnt know you were a dog lover, we have a Choc, Lab, he just made the Pet pics page in the Fred Post this last Sunday! hes in a Skins Jersey :)

    Can we sing Amazing Grace, and hold hands, like we do for the ending Prayer, on every Sunday!

    Andy and his family made a huge impact on us, thank you for setting that up!

  5. Jay,

    We'll talk about your suggestion regarding Amazing Grace. Send me an email ( so I can reply to you personally.


  6. Sorry Ang...It's a Daddy's right to embarass his little girl. Besides no matter how old you get, you'll always be his little girl. I am almost twice your age and my Dad still treats me like I'm 6. Happy belated B'day girlfriend...I hope it was great. Hugs!