Thursday, January 22, 2009

300 Voices

We've been trying to figure out how to follow up on Water For Christmas. Is this going to be an annual thing? Is it just a Christmas thing? The need for water is continuous, and many who drank the Water For Christmas kool-aid just can't get it out of our minds. We weren't sure we wanted to wait 11 months.

Jody came up with a great idea: we are looking for 300 partners who will commit to $20/month for water. More than that, though, is the desire to create a larger organization who will carry the Water For Christmas movement into their neighborhoods, communities, businesses, schools and churches. We are looking for 300 people who will get the word out and serve the kool-aid to as many people as possible. 300 people giving $20 every month will dig a lot of wells; 300 people getting friends, family, neighbors and colleagues involved in the movement will dig exponentially more wells.

Want to check it out? Want to get involved? Go to

Learn. Commit. Spread the word.

Be part of the movement.

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