Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The final tally for Water For Christmas was $59,000. That's remarkable, given that the typical gift was $10. And that on November 1 the WFC total was, um, $0. Nothing. Zippo. Nada. Water For Christmas at that point was just a dream in the minds--no, in the hearts--of some mom's who didn't know what they were doing (according to the professionals) and who didn't know that they didn't know what they were doing.

And they did it anyway. Way cool.

Dancing For Water? Are you kidding me? No professional would have come up with that. But a mom did.

Mom's rock.

Wooo Moms!

Angela put a collection jar in her room at the Learning Bee, and raised 58 bucks. Not much? That's clean water for 3 people for 20 years. Tell those three people it's not significant.

It's huge. It's life.

Pam asked her hairdresser if she could put up a collection jar. She said yes, and collected a little more than $30. Twenty years of clean water for 1.5 people. I imagine that half person really appreciates it, being, you know, a half person and everything.

In a country that expects either the government or "The Market" to do everything, this is a good reminder that in the Kingdom of God, it's either going to be regular people making a difference, or no one making a difference.

The New Testament doesn't put much faith in either governments or "The Market." Listen up, Christians.

Someone just jokingly said to me, "Well, now you are going to have to change it to "Water For Easter."

Hmm. May have to run this one by Jody.

Thanks everyone, for making this the best Christmas ever.

We all made a difference.

And a difference was made in us.

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  1. After throwing out a bunch of stuff getting ready for our move, it felt really good to give each other--and some very needy people--this rewarding gift for Christmas (--Doug S)