Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach Reading

You won't be hearing much about guitar-making for the next two weeks, because Pam and I hopped on a jet plane and landed in Jacksonville, Florida, yesterday, where we were met by our good friends Del and Bonnie Bunch. Del and Bonnie live in Neptune Beach outside of Jacksonville, two blocks from the beach. So that's where we are.

The replacement zebrawood sides are in a Fed Ex truck somewhere on their way to Walkersville. They'll be waiting for me when I get home.

Pam didn't want me mentioning that we are on vacation because she knows how many questionable characters read this blog and would take advantage of our absences to go rob us. But I was planning on posting while I was on vacation and didn't think anyone would fall for pictures with captions like: "Here we are with our friends Del and Bonnie on the beach...you know, the beach in our backyard. Yeah, that's it, we have a beach in our backyard. We're not in Florida, we're on the beach in our backyard."

So here's the deal:

  • If you're a questionable character, stop reading my blog. Go work on your character or something.
  • The house is not empty. Austin is still home. He's twenty, he's lean, he's mean, he works out at the gym, and he'll kick your butt.
  • Kobi the Wonder Beagle will bite your butt.
  • We have snoopy neighbors who will call the cops if anyone with a questionable character even looks at our house.
  • We have cheap stuff. No Blue Ray player, no expensive jewelry, nothing worth stealing. Seriously, I'm a pastor, you think I have thousands of dollars worth of electronics? Surely you can find a lawyer or doctor who's on vacation. And who doesn't have a beagle guarding the place.
Yeah, so back off.

There. Pam can rest easily now. Like she's ever going to know. She doesn't read my blog. She's a woman of high character. And she's still figuring out this Internet thing. And she still really believes that there is a button she can push on her computer that will destroy Western civilization.

She ain't readin' my blog.

Yeah, so we're at the beach. Beach reading, it's the best. I brought nothing to do with theology, ecclesiology, philosophy, leadership or any of that stuff. Just light reading. Murder, espionage, kidnapping, that kind of thing. Light reading. The good guys always win.

I brought about six junk novels. I don't know what I'll do for the second week, but there's a local library, so I'll figure it out.

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  1. proof my house isn't worth breaking into... my dad spells Blu-ray blue ray and doesn't know the error of his ways. ;-)

    love you dad.