Friday, July 3, 2009

Back to Guitar Building

While I was in Florida the new zebrawood sides arrived. It's a real nice set. Tonight I bent the non-cutaway side. I'll let it cool overnight, then check and make sure everything is all right. These are real easy bends and there shouldn't be any problems, but I decided to do the non-cutaway side first so that if there is a problem, I can use the other side for the non-cutaway, and pair it with the successful cutaway side from the last set. They are close enough that no one will notice unless they are really looking. Because the sides of a guitar are opposite each other, no one will ever see them side-by-side to be able to compare the grain differences.

Tomorrow morning I'll take it off the mold and, if everything checks out, I'll bend the cutaway side. By tomorrow evening I'll know if that worked or if I have to use the other cutaway side.

Good to have options.

The process for bending the non-cutaway side is the same as what I explained further, so I'm not going to go through it again. Here's a picture of the side cooling in the mold.

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