Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation Pictures

Re-entry back to the real world is tough after such a relaxing vacation. The only part that wasn't hard in coming back was the energetic reception by Kobi.

OK, so I already posted about the tubing trip, but here are some more pictures. It was really relaxing. I thought I would share how fun this was with the church staff so I texted our Children's Ministry Director, Rachel, so she could share with everyone else what a good time the boss was having.

Apparently, they were slaving away getting ready for mission trips and Parablelooza and didn't appreciate my text.

Grumpy. Boy do they need a vacation.

Anyway, here's Del:

And Del and Bonnie's son Andrew (with me in the background).

Dude's 25 years old and has a Ph.D. in physics. Get out of the way.

Some important dates came up while we were gone. June 16th was my mom's birthday. Then on June 20th Pam and I celebrated our 28th anniversary. We drove down toward St. Augustine to a nice seafood restaurant on the ocean. Del and Bonnie let us borrow their PT Cruiser convertible.

With all the picture taking I felt like we were going to the Prom or something. "I promise I'll have her home by 11:00!"

Then there was Father's Day. Went to church, ate at a barbeque place for lunch, then went to the beach. Got a call from each of my kids. It was a good day.

Most days, of course, were spent at the beach. Here's me doing what I do at the beach: reading and avoiding sunburn:

It was unseasonably hot--mid to upper 90's, topping out at over 100 on Father's Day. But there was generally a good breeze, and the water felt good. For some reason, however, the water wasn't good for body surfing while we were there. There was one day of really good waves but they just didn't break right. The rest of the time it was very calm. Some days the ocean was as calm as a lake:

That's Bonnie out at low tide.

We had a great time. Del and Bonnie are great, and we kept each other entertained. We ate, played games, chilled out, took a day trip to Jekyll Island, then ate and chilled some more.

Need proof? Here's me eating some raspberry pie with raspberry ice cream (Del and I share a love of all things raspberry):And chillin':Sometimes when I read I just feel the need to stop and pray...

And I'll quit on that one.

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