Tuesday, November 25, 2008

500 People Getting Water This Christmas

OK, that's figuratively, who knows when the well will actually be dug.

But last week WFC officially hit the mark of generating enough money to dig a well, and that's less than three weeks into the launch.

And that doesn't include what was received through $10 Friday the other day.

Good job, people.

So now we concentrate on the next well. That's how this is going to be done, one well at a time.

Regular people thinking of ways they can help.

Received this email on Saturday from FBC member Wendy Hickman:

I am attending an anniversary party later today. Instead of a gift I made a donation to Water For Christmas in honor of them. I also just purchased several of the water bottles that I will use as gifts for coworkers this Christmas. As an afterthought, I sent the information about the Water For Christmas on to everyone in my email address book. (Lots of Volleyball players who use water bottles!) Hopefully this will spur others to contribute. This is just a start for me. I plan to continue to seek out ways that I can help.

Got another email from an FBC attender who wants to put together a benefit concert and/or a "gently-used" market with proceeds going to WFC. Will keep you posted as this develops.

A lot of people doing something. Big or small, it doesn't matter.

Every dollar makes a difference.

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