Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dancing For Water

The things people will do for water.

If you want to see something cool, go to, where you will see people dancing for water. Some are pretty good. Some aren't. There's a couple who have been married for 38 years dancing and singing to each other. All to raise awareness of the need for clean water, and raise money for wells.

I admire these people. To not only dance, but put it on the web. Sorry, but there are some things that people just shouldn't see, and me dancing is one of them

It's ugly, it really is.

I toyed with the idea of threatening to dance if a certain amount wasn't raised. Kind of a Not Dancing For Water. But you'd withhold just to see me do it, and the point is to gather donations, not discourage them.

So give. Please. Tomorrow is the second $10 Friday. Let's dig a well.

And maybe you ought to think about dancing for water yourself. Me, I'm buying a WFC t-shirt.


  1. i got one too! :-D we can be twins. cute. ha

  2. I'd pay to see a video of Larry dancing!! I wonder how much we could raise for WFC?????