Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Look Like No Guitar

And that's the point. This is the kit I ordered from LMI, but it was a kit I had complete control over. Top wood, back wood, binding choices, type of tuning machines, etc. all were for me to choose. Nothing has been done except cutting wood down to approximate size. That long rectangular piece of wood on the far left? That's a mahogany blank that will become the neck. Next to it is four blanks of spruce that will be cut and shaped into braces. The round coil of wire is fretwire that will have to be cut and hammered into the fret slots, which I will have to cut into the ebony fretboard. The sides will have to be bent, the top and back thicknessed, profiled, and braced. All the fun stuff (and hard stuff) is yet to be done. To me, this is what it means to build a guitar.

I didn't cut down the trees, but turning wood into a musical instrument is going to be done by me and no one else.

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