Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There's a Wild Animal Inside Every Beagle

I could sense death in the air the moment I came in from the Luthier's Lair.

Kobi awakened from his slumber as I came up the stairs. It wasn't his normal "it's late and I'm tired" look. It was rather the look of the predator who has been resting after a successful hunt.

Where was the cat? was my first thought. (I said thought, not wish. Cut me some slack here.)

Then I saw the feathers. Just a few at first, but there were more leading to the slaughter pen under the dining room table. A terrible sight, with mangled feathers everywhere, and the body--just a skeleton, really--laying horribly off to the side.

That poor duster never had a chance.

Here's a picture, but if you are at all squirmy, I warn you: don't scroll down.

I had to clean it all up. I'm probably going to have nightmares.

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