Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cream of Wheat

Like oatmeal, my family didn't do cream of wheat either.  We basically didn't do hot cereal for breakfast. 

We did Cap'n Crunch.

When I was a summer camp counselor at Summit Lake Camp I would see kids eat cream of wheat.  I think that was probably the first time I ever saw cream of wheat.  They would put butter and salt in it, or sometimes sugar and/or pancake syrup, but regardless of what they did, it never looked like anything I would want to try.  And I didn't.

Growing up in the south I ate grits, and so now I understand what people who have never encountered grits are thinking when they watch me eat grits.  They are wondering, "What is a grit?  And what's the attraction?"  Even with butter and salt and pepper--folks, this is good eating, let me tell you--they aren't finding any compelling reason to eat or even try grits.

So a few years ago I wondered what the deal was with cream of wheat, so I bought some.  It was a variety pack of flavors--strawberries and cream (yum), apples and cinnamon (yum), maple brown sugar (not quite as yum, but still yum), and plain.

I put butter, salt and pepper in the plain, and it wasn't bad.  Kinda like grits, but made of wheat rather than corn.

So today I made cream of wheat.  Plain.  No butter, salt, brown sugar.  Nothing.

Not yum.  No where near yum.  So far from yum it would take a week for a postcard from yum to get here.

Plainly speaking, plain cream of wheat sucks.

This five day food and water challenge is not that easy.

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