Monday, October 26, 2009

Why No Guitar Posts?

Angela asked me the other day why I haven't posted anything about the guitar lately.  Well, two things:  1) Since I was re-doing the neck, I was doing stuff that I had already posted about, so there wasn't any need for an update.  But to let you know, it's going well, and I've got a good fit on the neck/body joint.  The new fretboard is essentially finished--just need to put in the position markers--in the right locations this time!  Soon I'll be getting into new territory, so the pictures and posts will return, depending on the second reason for the lack of posts, which is 2) time outside honey-do list.  I've just not had as much time lately to get out into the garage.  Some of that is just being busy on weekends and weeknights, and some of that is tackling some projects around the house that needed attention.

So we'll see.  Friday was looking like a good day to work, but now it looks like I'll have to work in attending a funeral.  Saturday morning we have a free car-wash for teachers and staff at Waverly Elementary School, and then we're heading down to Angela's and then into D.C. for a tour of the White House, so no guitar-building on Saturday.  But that's life.  It's a hobby, not a vocation, even though I'm anxious to get at it, especially since we're getting closer and closer to the end.

Clark's been real good about not bugging me about it on Sundays, but I know he's anxious.  Patience, dude, it'll get done.

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