Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something You Won't Often See

Me in a robe.

The Falam Baptist Church, a Frederick church of Christians from Burma, held an ordination service in our church last Saturday for their new pastor, San No Thuan (to my left in the picture.)

I agreed to help them set things up and run our soundboard.

Then they asked me to participate in the laying on of hands.

Which means I would have to wear a suit. On a Saturday. If it's Saturday and I'm wearing a suit, there's usually a body or a bride involved. This was serious.

Then they told me they wanted me to wear a robe.

I have to wear a suit and a robe?

I don't wear a robe in worship. Most Baptists don't.

Unless, apparently, you're from Burma.

I'll wear it occasionally when performing a wedding, but try to get out of it whenever I can. I wasn't even sure where my robe was.

It was a nice service, most of which I couldn't understand. But I was presented with a nice, handmade traditional Burmese book bag:

Yeah, I know it looks like a purse or a man-bag.  Trust me, it's a book bag.  It's their version of a briefcase.  And they are hand-made--they even make the material themselves on looms.  They do a lot themselves.  Afterward there was a big meal featuring beef.  Beef from a cow they owned, they slaughtered, they butchered, and they cooked.  Right here in the U.S.A.  What's more American than that?

Most Burmese are Buddhists; only 4% of Burmese people are Christian. These people are serious about their faith, and it did my heart good to join them in this special occasion.

Even if I had to wear a suit and a robe.

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  1. Thank you very much for giving me blessings at my ordination day, Pastor Larry. I am very proud of your presence and your church that I will never forget in my life. This is a historic place and day for my life. Again, thank you Pastor Larry.