Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Baylor women did what the men could quite pull off--beat Duke. Down 8 with five minutes to go, they went on a 13-2 run to close out the game 51-48 and go to the Final Four for the second time in five years. (They won the championship in 2005.)

No one is going to be the UConn women this year; no one has even come close. But if anyone can do it, a team like Baylor with a 6'8" center would be the one.

The men's game was tightly contested the whole time. At one point in the second half I thought, "We're a better team than Duke." I still believe that. If we played ten times, we'd win six--but it would be close.

But at the end we gave up too many offensive rebounds and Duke hit some big 3-pointers, and that was it. But the men didn't even make the tournament last year, and no one saw this coming at the beginning of the year.

Next year they will be even better, but they won't be able to sneak up on anyone.

Go Baylor Women!


  1. Why is the bear in that picture doing a Nazi salute?

    (and no, I don't expect you to post this comment, just making an observation)

  2. I posted it out of spite.

    But a Nazi salute? Looks more like a high five to me.