Monday, March 22, 2010

Quigley Is Such an...Butthead

Did I mention that I recorded the the Maryland/Michigan St. game and started watching about an hour after the actual start? So the game actually ended an hour or so before I watched the cruel end.

So I go upstairs, still mad at the unfairness of the basketball gods, and this email is waiting for me from Quigs:

I gave up tv for lent so I really don't know any of the scores in NCAA tournament and I promised not to pick on the O's, but if Maryland would lose on some outrageous last miniute shot where like nobody from the Terps even gets a hand in the shooters face, then your basketball season would end around the same time your baseball season ended, I know this sounds cruel, but it is really not likely to happen because the ACC is the best conference in basketball and the Terps can't lose.
I'm not sure but did the Mountaineers win?

I just laughed and said to myself, "What an (biblical name for a donkey)."

Then I read it to Pam and she laughed too.

So I just replied with the first thing that came in my head: "You're a real (biblical name for a donkey), you know that?"

Before I sent it I thought to myself, "You know, he's probably going to think that he made me mad. I wouldn't want that."

And then, my evil side coming out because of my anger at the basketball gods, I thought, "Good," and hit send.

Had to go to church, and when I came home, this was waiting for me:

ouch sorry.

Oh, a little squirming going on, huh?

So I replied:

Yeah, see, when the Phillies got beat by the Yankees in the World Series, I had all these really funny, clever things I was going to say to you, but I thought, “No, I know what it feels like to lose a Series, and I feel the pain he’s experiencing right now, so I’m not going to pile on. Why, I’ll even pray for my friend Tim, and ask that the Spirit of Comfort, the Holy Ghost, might descend upon him and be a balm for his wounds. Why, my good friend Tim would appreciate that.”

But it’s ok, I understand, you’re from Philly, where being an (biblical name for a donkey) has been raised to an art form, and besides that, you’re Catholic and everything. I have to have compassion on those from a lower station in life. I understand that it’s just physically, emotionally, and spiritually impossible for you to have compassion on a brother who is hurting from a heartbreaking loss, so it’s all good.

Oh, like heck, it’s on, Big Boy!

You’re freaking hilarious.
But it’s still on.

And he responded:

Dude i was out of line - I'm really sorry.

Heh-heh. Guilt always works with Catholics.
I let him off the hook. He's still an (biblical name for a donkey).
But that's why I like him.

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