Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Kinda Madness

I like basketball, and I like the NCAA tournament. But I don't go Mad in March. I don't usually fill out a bracket. Bracketology holds no interest for me. I'll watch to see who won and who lost, but I won't watch a game unless I have a rooting interest.

Which usually just means the Maryland Terps. But this year I'll be keeping an eye on two teams.

Baylor University, which gave me a degree in return for lots of my dad's money, is in the tournament, which doesn't happen that often. Almost never. But they are actually a #3 seed in the South Regional, opening against Sam Houston St., a 14-seed. If they get past Sam Houston, which they should, they will play the winner of Notre Dame/Old Dominion for the chance to go to the Sweet Sixteen. That will definitely be a first.

The University of Maryland, which gave my daughter a degree in return for lots of my money, is a #4 seed in the Midwest Regional, which will be played in Spokane, Washington.

Seriously, this is a college basketball tournament; didn't the organizers ever have to take a geography class? Spokane, Washington, Midwest?

Anyway, the Terps have a tougher road to the Sweet Sixteen. If they get by #13 Houston, they'll face the winner of Michigan St./New Mexico St. Michigan St. was in the National Championship game last year and is always tough, so "Go New Mexico St!"

Although I don't really want to play a team that's good enough to be Michigan St.

Time to fire up the DVR.


  1. Knowitall McPompousMarch 16, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    The bracket regions are named for the locations of the regional semifinals and finals (Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games). In the case of the Midwest bracket, the location is St. Louis, so the regional name makes sense.

    However, I do agree that the first and second round locations are incredibly random and unfair to a lot of teams. One would think they would try to keep similar locations grouped together, but they tend to mix and match to reward the #1 seeds (ie: Syracuse, the #1 seed in the West region, is playing its first and second round games in Buffalo, NY).

  2. Yeah, but I can't pass up a chance to be McSarcastic.