Monday, December 8, 2008

1500 People Will Get Water

We did it. Well #3 is a reality.

Thus far Water For Christmas has taken in more than $16,000.

Thank you.

First Baptist Youth collected about $300 on Saturday; $100 of it came from the Amazing Grace Sr. Adult Sunday School class. But a good bit of the rest came from the youth sitting outside in the bitter cold on Saturday at the Rt. 40 Shell station. The owner gave the youth quarters so that people could vacuum their cars for free, and then the youth told them about Water For Christmas, and people gave.

Our youth rock!

So, on to Well #4. The last $10 Fridays generated about $2000; there are two more Fridays before Christmas. We ought to get at least one more well out of these Fridays.

And I haven't received my Christmas "presents" yet. I think we'll get to 6 wells by Christmas.

That's 9,000 people who will get clean water. 9,000 people who get life.

This is the best Christmas ever.

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