Saturday, December 20, 2008

The XVI?

Today I received two very nice Christmas cards saying that someone had donated $20 to Water For Christmas in my name. Very nice, and much appreciated.

But the "From" line was left blank. Either the person wishes to remain anonymous, or Charity: Water made a mistake.

I'm guessing the former, because both cards were addressed the same way (which is why I think it's one person.)

"Dr. Laurence Lee Eubanks XVI"

OK, it's not Laurence or Lawrence or anything. It's Larry. It's on the birth certificate.

But someone is just jerking my chain, and I have my suspicions.

So, thanks for the donation.
If Charity: Water made a mistake and you don't mind telling me who you are, shoot me an email.

But if you're just jerking my chain, I'm calling you out, and daring you to call me Laurence to my face. :)


  1. hahaha, i died laughing on the floor for 5 mins after reading this... I know who sent it. :-D

  2. For the record, I labeled it "Lawrence," not "Laurence."

    - M

  3. Yeah, well, you were still wrong either way.

    Thanks for the Christmas gift though.

    Still, the XVI?